Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stocking stuffer search is solved...

The holidays are fast approaching and for me, stocking stuffers can get stale really fast. (How many toothbrushes do we really need???  Does anyone USE cloth hankies anymore?  If I get ONE MORE soda can opener...I'll scream!!!)  I want to do better this year and A.) Not wait until the last minute and B.) "Settle" for the same old same old.  
So...looking for a few differnt and creative ideas for stocking stuffers I came accross some gems and I have to share!  (Oh I just had an attack of CUTE! )Check out Pegasussoaps' Artfire shop...she has marvelous soap idea I think would be GREAT for budding little divas - Neopolitan Popsicle Soap!

It's made with creamy goat's milk soap, is scented Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry and the darling thing looks good enough to eat!!!  I've been scouring this store and lemme tell ya...I love what I see...!  Goodies Galore!
Clever is key in my next about a chapstick holder by MountainMaggie?

WAY cool, snappy color and super practical to boot! It can be used as a date stick holder as well!  :o)  Pretty neat thing thinking MountainMaggie.

  I, for one, am always looking for paper to jot an important note, phone number (website :P) down and Liberydoll has the solution with  Handmade Christmas Matchbook Notepads!  Coming in packs of 10, your stocking recipient will always have paper on hand or you can stretch your dollar even further by splitting them up!

Do yourself a big favor and check out these and other stores on Artfire.  A Handmade Christmas can be yours...clever, unique and very memorable! 

Happy Shopping!